Your First 7 Words Must Impress Hiring Managers Study Shows

A new study by researchers has everyone in the workforce a bit flustered when it comes to stereotyping during interviews. Researchers from Yale University conducted a study with 274 individuals with hiring experience, and found out just how quickly they make judgements about the potential job candidates they speak with.

For research, the 274 individuals with hiring experience were asked to read transcripts and listen to audio recordings from potential candidates who applied for a lab manager position at Yale University. The individuals were then asked to assess each candidate – from their social class to their salary and expected sign-on bonus.

Your First 7 Words Must Impress Hiring Managers

The study revealed that after reading or hearing the first 7 words from each candidate, the hiring manager made a judgement about them. This doesn’t bode well for anyone in the workforce, and it certainly won’t make anyone experiencing ageism in interviews feel any better. However, it does prove that there is a real problem – one that needs a good solution.

Stereotypes run rampant in our world, and they escalate the stress of interviews.

Now that it has been proven via research that each job candidate has 7 words on average to make a positive impression that could make or break the job for them, it’s time to do two things. First, continue fighting ageism in order to eliminate stereotypes based on age in the hiring process and the workforce. And second, come up with a plan for how to treat job interviews until ageism can be eliminated.

What sort of plan? Well, just like you might hire a resume writer to make sure you are putting your best foot forward in the interview process, perhaps you can hire a writer to help with your first 7 word interaction. You could also have a 7 word conversation with everyone in your contact list to hone how you initiate conversations, and get the flow just right. By practicing, practicing, practicing, you can enter into each interview with a solid 7 words that can put you on the right path towards getting the job of your dreams.

If your interview is in-person, you’ll also want to make sure you look the part. We’ve talked previously about “situational dressing,” and this is one of those times you should “dress the part.” You’ll need to research the types of outfits being worn by current employees of the company you are trying to land a job at. You’ll want to set an immediate impression for the hiring manager, one that says “I look like I already work here.” Then, give them your solid 7 word introductory comments, and you will be right on track.

Ageism stereotypes run rampant in society, but being educated about them, and ways to fight them, can make all the difference.

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