With The Coronavirus Spreading So Too Will The Lay Offs

Unfortunately, with the Coronavirus pandemic spreading around the world, companies are having to send people home for weeks on end. Some companies have slowed down their production while others have stopped work entirely.

The sad truth is that in the workforce this will inevitably lead to lay-offs. Companies will have to meet their numbers, or at least come close, and with these shut downs many will need to find ways to reduce their costs.

With The Coronavirus Spreading So Too Will The Lay Offs

This is when ageism rears its ugly head. Companies can save a lot more money laying off older people – they’ve been around longer so they have higher salaries.

Here are some ideas that you can start trying today to help keep your job secure and eliminate ageist lay-off practices in your office.

Show Your Value

Find ways to show your company that you are valuable. Make sure to showcase your talents or skills that make you unique. If you can, help the company make or keep more money. Be sure to let your manager know of all your accomplishments, especially any that help the company’s bottom line.

Don’t go into hiding, that never works, they still know that you are there. If you don’t showcase your accomplishments, they might not remember what you do…

Spread Positivity

Be seen as someone who is positive. People like positive people around them – let them see someone who is optimistic.

Educate Yourself

Take courses to stay current. Learning new courses not only boosts your abilities, but it also shows companies that you are going the extra mile to be the best that you can be.

Keep Your Resume Current

Update your resume. This is something that you should continually be doing, because you never know when you may need it, but keeping your resume current during times like these can help you showcase your skills to your current company and any others looking.

Keep An Eye Out For Opportunities

It doesn’t hurt anything to keep an eye out for opportunities – both within your current company and beyond. Things are going to be different for a while, and knowing what’s available in your industry will help.


Keep networking, networking, networking… It’s important to keep in touch with friends, family, and former co-workers. Set up virtual coffee chats to find out where everyone is working, what they are up to, and let them know where your career has taken you. By constantly networking you keep doors open when you may need help continuing your career in the future.


Because we’re taking a trip into uncharted waters right now it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra income on the side. Find ways to make a little extra each month, especially if you can do so from your home. Do you have any skills you can freelance-out virtually?

Save Money Where You Can

It’s going to be tough on a lot of people in the coming months and years. Try to save where you can, especially any freelance money you are able to bring in. Creating a safety net will help with the uncertain times ahead.

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