What To Do If You Can’t Get An Interview

When you first start searching for a new job it can be an exciting experience. You get your resume in order, you find jobs that are the right fit on paper for you, and you start applying. But what happens when you’re hundreds of resumes in, and you still haven’t received an offer? Then, it can be an extreme challenge for your mind and your emotions.

We’ve compiled a list of tactics you can try if you just can’t seem to get an interview.

What To Do If You Can't Get An Interview

Hire A Resume Writer

You should be tailoring some of your resume for each of the jobs you’re going out for, but the overall story your resume tells should stay the same throughout your application process. It’s not as simple as just getting a talent rep or hiring manager to appreciate your resume and pass you through to the next level of the interview process, sometimes it can be the daunting task of having to get your resume past an artificial intelligence program designed to pass through applicants that are not just qualified, but completely overqualified for the role. That’s hard.

If you are hundreds of resumes in, and don’t seem to be getting through, it may be time to hire a professional resume writer. A resume writer can pull a story out from your resume that will be understood by HR representatives, and will break through the barriers put in place by hiring bots. Hiring a resume writer could mean the difference between getting no calls, and getting many calls.

Network On Social Media

Many of us have social networking sites, and lots of connections, but we don’t always take full advantage of that. Instead of simply following what your social network is up to, reach out to each and every person. Strike up a conversation, go out to coffee, have a phone call. Maybe someone you know knows someone that is looking for a new hire. Maybe there’s another networking opportunity that you haven’t been told about yet. Perhaps there’s someone starting a side business, and they want your help. You never know until you have the conversation – and you can learn something, even something small, from every interaction you have.

Sometimes it can be hard to reach out, especially if you are in a position where you feel like you’ve been broken down by a lack of application interest from organizations, but by putting yourself out there you will open up a world of possibilities you just won’t have if you don’t take full advantage of your online network.

Rebrand Your Image

Hiring a resume writer is just one step in rebranding yourself to fit a mold in order to get through the door of getting hired. While you never want to change yourself completely, there are certain items in your work-world that may need to change to fit what a hiring manager is looking for. This could mean anything from the way you tell your employment story – what you’ve done in your career, and the wins you’ve gotten companies – to the way your social networking sites are branded. Don’t forget that it is the job of HR to dig deep into your background – to find those images you uploaded years ago and forgot about. They want to see a story that shows you are well-rounded, and they want to see images on your social networking sites that show you are a leader, that you volunteer, and that you’re a good person.

Sometimes changing your image can even be as simple as speaking in a more positive way. Perhaps not getting phone interviews for multiple months has made your conversations a bit more negative than you realize. Try simple steps like smiling when you talk to enhance the positivity of your conversations.

In order to determine how you might need to rebrand yourself, try talking to those closest to you. Ask your family and friends how they see you, and ways they might offer constructive changes to your image in order to get more job opportunities. This part might be hard, it can be challenging to hear criticism. Just keep in mind that your family and friends have your best interests in mind, and that they want you to succeed. Keep an open mind!

Offer To Speak At Conferences Or Meet-Ups

You might be out of work currently, but that doesn’t mean you are any less of an expert in your field. Some local meet-ups or conferences are looking for people with an extra amount of time, which you may have right now, to present to others in your field. Reach out to organizers to find out if they want someone to give a speech. By attending these conferences, and especially by speaking, you will continue to expand your network and the individuals that you get to talk to about opportunities. You’ll open dialogues you wouldn’t otherwise have, and you may be opening doors to jobs that you wouldn’t hear about without making this extra effort.

Start A Side Hustle

Starting your own side hustle does a few things. First, it gives you a talking point in interviews – it expands your story. It also shows that you aren’t afraid to do the work, rather than just manage those that do the work. By starting a side hustle you show future employers that you are a hard worker, you are willing to take risks, and you are ready to do anything it takes to get wins. Plus, if your side hustle starts to grow, you might not even need another job in the end, and you might just be creating your own opportunity!

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