Ways You Can Help Spread The Word About Ageism

Ageism is a conversation that has to be had. If we stay quiet about ageism, we will suffer from the consequences later in life – from losing jobs to agist stereotypes, to being treated differently in society because of biases about the number of years we have been alive.

It’s important to take action to try to lessen ageism around the world, so that we can live our best lives instead of being held back by stereotypes about age.

Spread The Word On Ageism

So, what are some ways you can help spread the word about ageism? Below you’ll find a handful of ways to get the word out, and to try to lessen the impact from ageism we may all feel in the future.

Strike Up A Conversation

Talk to anyone and everyone you know about ageism. Ask them their thoughts, where they see problems arising in their future, and how they plan to deal with stereotypes as they progress in age.

Conversations turn into educational experiences for all parties involved. Maybe your conversation partners will mention something you decide to do more research on, maybe you’ll make the other individuals think of something they hadn’t expected to hear, and it will change the course they plan for their future.

There is something to learn from everyone – from a new way to do or think about something, to things to avoid and not do. Keep an open mind in all of your interactions, and make a conscious effort to have conversations abound.

Speak Out

With ageism becoming a growing epidemic, it’s not a time to stay silent. Voice your opinion wherever you can.

Write articles across the web with your thoughts on ageism and your concerns for your future and that of your peers. Be a part of growing social media conversations about the topic. Attend conferences to speak on the impact ageism will have on each and every one of us – in our own lives, and in the lives of people we know and care about.

Find the avenue for sharing thoughts that best fits you, and own that path to creating a dialogue about ageism and its negative effects on society.

Reach Out To Organizations

Ageism can fester within company walls. From the career ladder to hiring and firing practices, age biases can have a major impact on employee lives. If you know of an organization that is knowingly, or unknowingly, participating in ageist practices it’s important to reach out.

Write a letter or an op-Ed. Send a note on social media. Try to take a meeting with the HR manager.

If companies can get on board to stop ageism in its tracks, it will have a trickle-down effect and help clear up ageism impacts throughout society as a whole.

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