Tips For Lasting Longer In The Workplace

Growing older in the workforce can keep you consistently on the edge of your seat. You may find yourself thinking that each day may be your last at the organization, or that any misstep, however small, could be the reason the company chooses to let you go.

However, there is a more positive spin you could put on your advanced years in the office: You’ve lasted this long in your industry for a reason.

Tips For Lasting Longer In The Workplace

Rather than dwelling on your time in the workforce running out, think about how many skills you’ve amassed through the years, and how you’ve been a survivor in the workforce this long.

By creating a positive spin on your life at work you will be giving yourself a confidence boost. Not only will that have a positive impact on you, but also the more confident you are about your skills and your career as a whole, the more your co-workers and managers will see you as indispensable. Confidence and skillset are large reasons for keeping employees, well, employed.

By creating a narrative about your advanced years in the work world that is more positive, you can change the way people see you. That can help alter your career future, and keep it intact longer.

Tips For Lasting Longer in the Workplace:

Strive For Wins

Constantly strive for wins, and don’t slow down. Many people think that a way to keep ageism at bay is to arrive at work earlier, and to stay at work later to prove they are serious about keeping their job. However, you will make more of an impact against ageist firing practices by working smarter rather than longer. Strive for wins, not hours worked.

The more often you are able to tell your manager about a positive win you have secured, the more you will become an indispensable part of the team – one who can work hours that best fit your work-life balance.

Don’t Stress

Don’t stress, and if you do, don’t show it. Managers will be more likely to keep you around longer if you act like the wins you are getting come naturally. You will seem like the obvious choice to have in the office versus letting you go for someone who will struggle more in the role.

Let it shine through that your abilities in your role come naturally to you, you’ll find you are better appreciated in the office because of it.

Keep Learning

Bring something new to the table each week. Whether it’s a tip on how to be more efficient as a team, or a conversation about a new technology on the market, it’s important to prove that you are constantly learning, and that you want to better others along with yourself. Share your findings at the lunch table, in a weekly email communication, or in a digital team conversation channel.

Everyone wants to learn new things, but sometimes busy schedules get in the way. By being the one who brings new ideas to work, you will become the one sharing news that can spark ideas in others, and your organization will appreciate that.

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