Study Shows Ageism Affects One Third Of Workers Before 45

All too often, ageism is thought of as a discrimination against older individuals. However, stereotypes and biases based on age can affect anyone at any age throughout the course of their lifetime. A new study from Fairygodboss has revealed that 1 out of every 3 individuals who responded to their survey experienced ageism before they turned 45 years old.

Survey results like this always lead to interesting conversations. Not only among individuals who are skeptic that ageism can sneak into the lives of younger individuals, but results like these also allow people who haven’t spoken up yet to do so.

Ageism Study

Sometimes it isn’t immediately apparent to younger generations that they have experienced agism – since, again, it’s stereotyped as being something only older employees have problems with. Survey results that show otherwise, can open the door for expansive conversations among multiple age groups, which can lead to change.

No matter your age, you can experience ageism in its many forms. Understanding the biases you are experiencing can make a big difference in how you handle them.

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