Should You File An Official Ageism Complaint

It can feel like you are isolated when you are experiencing age bias in society, however it is important to be aware that others are feeling the negative impacts of age discrimination too. In fact, according to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as many as 25,000 age discrimination complaints have been filed each year since 2008.

Studies also suggest that many more employees experience ageism each year and never speak up. Why, if this is such a massive problem affecting our society, do we not hear about it more consistently?

File Ageism Complaint

As with any discrimination, those discriminated against often feel silenced.

If you are experiencing any form of ageism, its imperative to understand that you aren’t the only one – especially with upwards of 25,000 official complaints being lodged each year.

So, should you file an official complaint? If you have exhausted your options – including: talking to individuals perpetuating the agist bias, HR or the company-lead, or the legal department representing the company with discriminatory practices – an official complaint could be a logical next step.

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