Researchers Find A Solution To The Ageism Epidemic

A team of researchers from Cornell University and the University of Toronto analyzed 63 ageism studies, and the combined data from those studies, to determine if anti-ageism programs are effective. The studies included a wide-range of anti-ageism tactics.

The research revealed that three specific methods of anti-ageism were successful among the study participants. Those three methods are revealed below.

Ageism Research

1. Education On Ageing

The analyses of the 63 ageism studies revealed that education played a major role in lessening ageism in participants. The education consisted of discussions about the natural process of ageing, and the negative stereotypes associated with old age.

Types of education include:

– Information booklets
– Videos
– Guest speakers
– Role-playing games
– Group discussions
– Interview transcripts

2. Multi-Generational Experiences

The studies revealed that having different generations interact lowered ageism bias in the participants. Many advocates against ageism speak towards younger generations not having constant contact with older generations, and believe this is a reason for ageism stereotypes developing at a young age.

Ways the generations can interact:

Mentor opportunities
– Group outings
– Learning activities (art, coding, etc)

3. A Combination Approach

By pairing education with multi-generational conversations, study participants got the best of both worlds. Being able to learn about the natural ageing process, and then interact across generations, was found to be successful in lowering agist thoughts and actions.

The Results

The results of the analyses of the ageism studies are exciting not only because they prove that there is a solution to the ageism epidemic, but also because the solution is relatively inexpensive. If organizations across the globe make a conscious effort to educate and create conversations across generations, ageism will slowly disappear from society.

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