How To Use Your Social Media Contacts To Combat Ageism

It can be so tempting to share a story with your network on social media about how ageism has tossed you out of a job early, or is keeping you out of work. However, that might not be the best solution for how to use your social media contacts to combat ageism.

In fact, we talk a lot on this site about stereotypes, and how they are quickly formed in the minds of those around you.

How To Use Your Social Media Contacts To Combat Ageism

Unless you personally know every single contact on your social media accounts, and are basically BFFs, it can be hard to keep those contacts from stereotyping you when you tell a personal story about how “age” is changing the way other people see you. That story, which you meant to use to empower yourself in the eyes of others, may actually have quite the opposite effect.

So, how can you use your social media contacts to combat ageism? We’ve spoken about crafting a story about your career, and what better way to use your social media contacts, than as a part of your story. Create updates on your social accounts that tell about ways you had wins within your previous organizations, talk about how people you are connected with had an impact on your life. Bring your contacts into your story, and create a sense of community with them to re-engage them in your current life and situation.

In turn, you’ll open up a dialogue with them. You’ll create stronger relationships with them. And when the time comes that it makes sense – meet up with them, or have a phone call. Talk about where your careers have taken each of you. Then, use that chance to ask them if they know of any opportunities that you would be a match for.

Once you find your new place, your new company or role, don’t close those conversations. Keep doors open, keep telling stories on social media that include your co-workers, managers or employees. By telling stories about wins, and successes, you create a positive force field around you of contacts that will come to your help if a need ever arises again.

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