How To Start A Conversation About Ageism

It’s daunting to know that you are about to initiate a conversation about a stereotype and bias that is affecting your daily life, but you’re not entirely sure where to begin. So, how do you create a meaningful conversation that others can participate in, and that change can come from?

First, explain ageism. Don’t assume that those involved in your conversation understand exactly what ageism is. They may have an idea, but not fully grasp the whole concept of the age bias you experience.

Start Ageism Conversation

Then, explain the cause and effect of specific scenarios you have lived. Try to get those involved in your conversation to see what took place in your ageist interactions, and how those interactions negatively impacted you, your health, your work, or your life. Cause and effect conversations can be hugely impactful when explaining the harm ageism has caused you.

Next, reveal possible solutions. Offer a way to make it easier on you, and on others who have experienced the negative effects of ageism. By offering solutions you reveal that this isn’t a dead end problem, but rather one that with some effort can be minimized around the world.

With a definition of ageism, specific cause and effect scenarios, and possible solutions, you can start a conversation about ageism that will make progress in the fight towards eliminating the stereotype felt by individuals throughout society.

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