How To Find A Mentor To Talk To About Ageism In The Workplace

You’ll find that when you begin the search for mentor that many certified mentors have specific genres that they are the best at talking towards and educating you on. Be sure to ask the right questions when you’re looking for the perfect-fit mentor for any advice about ageism that you may be experiencing within your workplace.

Be sure that your prospective mentor understands what ageism means. Make sure that they understand that speaking up about ageism at work is difficult, and a slippery slope to manage alone without really good advice. Make sure that your mentor is ready to answer some difficult questions about the course your career is heading on, and that they are able to give specific solutions to specific ageism scenarios you have experienced.

Ageism Mentor

It might take a while to find the perfect-fit mentor. However, when you do find them, you will realize how exciting it is to talk to someone who understands how difficult work-life can be, and how that can create a challenge for your personal life as well.

There are many different places to search for mentors. You could start by looking within your own company, or connections on social media. Perhaps there’s an individual that you look up to, and could ask out for a cup of coffee and a conversation.

If you want to chat more anonymously, there are lots of different websites that offer mentor pairing depending on the type of work situations you are inquiring for advice about.

Also, be sure to check within the HR department at the company you work for since there’s a chance that the company pairs with an outside mentoring agency. Remember, mentors are meant to keep any information you give them confidential, and not divulge any details to your employer, even if they are partnered with them.

Be sure to be open and honest with your mentor when you find them, and be open to advice they lend.

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