How To Fight Ageism Now, Before It Impacts You

You might be one of the many who has no concern for stopping ageism in its tracks right now because it isn’t in your face. Age bias hasn’t struck you yet, but it will.

Ask anyone over the age of 50 in the workforce to see how prevalent agist stereotypes are in our society. A quick tally of people nearby will reveal to you just how big a problem age stereotyping is for that demographic.

How To Fight Ageism Now Before It Impacts You

And, if it’s a problem for them, how can you not think it will be a problem for you?

So, what can you do to try to eliminate ageism from lashing out at you during your lifetime? Here are some tips:

1. Never Stop Learning

Ageism strikes when those around you think you are stagnant, and no longer interested in learning new things. By constantly keeping up to date with technologies and learnings, you will prove them otherwise, and be keeping age-based stereotypes at bay.

2. Don’t Use The Word “Old” To Describe Yourself

Some people use the world old in workplace settings as a form of insurance. They believe that by calling themselves old they will be treated with respect, or be left alone. However, that is far from the case. Instead, those individuals end up stereotyped and often pushed out of the workforce before their planned retirement date.

3. Start Fighting Ageism Now

Form a group at work that discusses ageism, or work with HR to bring in guest speakers to educate the company about age bias. By constantly being part of a dialogue about age stereotyping, you will be at the forefront of what is happening, and have an easier time ducking and weaving to avoid ageism in your life and career.

Being worried about ageism now will help you plan for the future, and in turn will give you the upper hand. Ageism won’t be able to win against you if you have spent 20 years preparing for it.

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