How To Brush Off Negative Ageist Comments

It can be very challenging to get through a day in the office if negative comments are being sent your way. If you are experiencing negative ageist comments in the office there are some tricks you can try in order to prevent yourself from taking the comments as truths.

It is extremely difficult not to internalize negativities when they are aimed your way, but it is imperative to try. If you accept negative ageist comments to enter your mind, studies show that your body responds subconsciously.

How To Brush Off Negative Ageist Comments

If you are called any version of the word “old,” your body will respond by walking slower, and your mind will rethink activities that are often associated with younger individuals like hiking or skiing, even if you’ve never had issues with those activities previously.

So, what are some tricks to try to keep negative comments from being internalized subconsciously?

Don’t Be Determined To Get The Last Word

Sometimes it’s good to walk away from someone that is spreading negativity, and deal with them in another way. It might be best to take action against the individual via HR, or a manager. Sometimes the “last word” can be silent.

Agree To Disagree

By training yourself that it’s okay to disagree with people, you will be able to employ “agree to disagree” logic, rather than internalize negative comments you know to be untrue.

Ask Yourself Why They Are Lashing Out

It’s never right for someone to put you down just for the sake of making themselves feel better, but that doesn’t change the fact that many people lash out on days that they have had their own negative experiences. Try to find out if there is a reason someone is spreading negativity around.

Know That Your Well-Being Comes First

Consistently remind yourself that your well-being is of the utmost importance. The more you keep yourself on a pedestal, the less anyone else’s comments will alter your mental well-being.

Ask For Help

It can be a challenge to deal with ageism, and negative comments about age at work, but know you’re not alone. If you ever find yourself needing backup, be sure to reach out to your boss, your HR department, a mentor or a friend.

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