How Technology Impacts Ageism

Technology often consists of great advancements that help society continue to move forward, however the same technology can halt or hinder the growth of entire generations. But how?

Technology is often something new that must be taught and learned. Society stereotypes older generations as not willing to learn, or not able to learn. But this generalized age bias is most often far from the truth.

How Technology Impacts Ageism

However, because age discrimination is easier to act on than fight against, older generations aren’t brought in to new learnings, aren’t privy to ways to make technology easier, ways it could work to make their lives easier.

As older generations fall out of touch with new technological offerings, they become less desirable in the workplace, they lose out on many topics of conversation taking place in the news, in society, and within their familiar circle.

Technology, which is meant to empower us, winds up being a detrimental force in so many lives as it leads to situations that perpetuate age biases.

You Can Fight Back By Constantly Learning

You might wish upon wishes that your need to learn ended with grade school or college, but learning each and every day is an intricate part of keeping ageism at bay. By keeping on top of technology and advancements, you will limit the amount of unconscious and conscious age bias aimed your way in society and the workforce.

Studies show that older individuals who continuously learn are taken more seriously and held up as more valuable members of society and work organizations.

Try joining a learning group or visiting a learning center. There are plenty of offerings available to keep up with technology. From joining groups with the purpose of being introduced to new tech, to visiting learning centers that some towns specifically set up to help empower individuals by giving them access to devices that don’t have in their homes and holding classes for them.

By surrounding yourself with others who are excited to learn you will find yourself more empowered by the community.

Also, watch and read learning materials. With the help of the internet there are learning documents beyond measure. You can read articles about new innovative technologies, you can watch how-to videos about anything and everything. Constantly consuming these types of mediums can keep you sprite and knowledgeable in conversations about new initiatives within the workplace and society in general.

The trick is to never stop learning. You become a powerhouse of information and knowledge if you consistently consume new techniques, new ideas, and new technologies. Don’t be afraid of learning, don’t get sick of new ideas, and continue to grow yourself and thereby grow your opportunities.

Unfortunately studies, and history, prove that when you fail to continuously keep up with technology ageism becomes a more prevalent and prominent aspect of your daily life. Your interactions become negatively impacted, you are more likely to be phased out of work, more likely to not be taken seriously be healthcare facilities, family members, are caretakers.

Learning for you, right now, is of the utmost importance.

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