Delaying Retirement Can Save Lives Study Shows

Being let go from a job because of your age isn’t just a form of ageism, it can also be life-threatening. A study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College found that delaying retirement can lower the 5-year mortality risk by 32% for men in their early 60s.

Other studies have shown that it’s important for an individual to retire in their own time, rather than feeling forced to do so. As with any new venture in life, having time to plan for next steps makes a transition much smoother. This helps an individual stay positive and mentally strong.

Delaying Retirement Can Save Lives

It’s important to remember that if you are let go from a job before you are ready to retire there are other options if you choose not to jump into a full-time role again. There are a plethora of volunteer organizations always on the lookout for talented individuals looking to share their time.

It’s also never too late to be your own boss. You could build your own company, or apply for freelance roles. You could also take your years of experience and be a professor or a mentor.

Fully retiring in your own time can help prolong your health. It can also keep your spirits high about the incredible career you’ve had, rather than letting agism bias create a negative atmosphere while putting you out of work before you’re ready.

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