Can A Nickname Help You Break Through Ageism Barriers

Everyone’s favorite word in the world is their name, but sometimes your name can bring negative connotations into the minds of others. While ageism is still rearing it’s head in our society, and in the workforce, making changes to your resume and persona that don’t entirely change who YOU are can make a big difference in how you are treated.

Think of your name. How do others perceive it? Do you know? Do a quick internet search to see how people feel when they hear your name. Survey people on the street, asking them how they feel about your name and other nicknames you can derive from your name.

Can A Nickname Help You Break Through Ageism Barriers

Do people think a nickname that comes from your full name sounds younger? Could this help you if you’re sending out resumes?

Remember, while people don’t try to, they make instant judgements about strangers they meet. By purposefully creating the first image they see – from your outfit to your name – you can work to ensure that the stereotyping is more positive.

The more times you speak to someone, the more the initial biases slip away, and are replaced by learned facts. So, in theory, giving a name with a more positive connotation (and possibly a younger one) at first could make a big difference, whether on a resume or in an initial meeting.

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