Blaming Millennials For Spreading Coronavirus Is Ageist

It seems like each time the President makes an announcement on live news, one of his team members gets on stage to tell millennials to stay home, and to stop going out and spending time together due to the coronavirus spreading rapidly throughout the country and around the world. The theory is that this age demographic is spreading Coronavirus, COVID-19 unknowingly, to each other and to other generations. This is ageist.

Many “millennials” have been staying inside. Some haven’t. Many “boomers” have been staying inside. Some haven’t. Same with “Gen Z.” It’s unfair, and a complete act of ageism, to throw the blame on one generational group.

Blaming Millennials For Spreading Coronavirus Is Ageist

Rather than pitting generations against each other, especially on such a major platform like a Presidential announcement, we should be coming together as a united, multi-generational group. We should be having conversations across generations about staying inside, about slowing the spread of the virus no matter your age.

The individuals who are still leaving their house for non-essential items (like food and doctors) are upset about missing out on face-to-face interactions. Rather than scolding them for it on a public stage, it’s time for people to share ideas on how to keep up an exciting way of life from the comfort of your own home. Ways that you can have awesome interactions without leaving your house, without being in-person with your friends and family.

We’ve compiled some ideas if you’re looking for ways to continue having social interactions (no matter your age) while you’re at home. Be sure to let us know if you have any other game-changing ideas that have made a big difference in your own life during this time indoors.

Group Gaming

If you are interested in video games, or have someone in your life you want to hang out with who is, try group gaming online. Log into your video game account, connect to the internet, and get a group game going. Lots of games can be played online across multiple team members, so there’s no shortage of how much fun you, your family members and your friends can have by connecting around the globe.

Video Chatting

Need some face-time with your connections? Video chatting is a great way to keep up-to-date with your friends and family. Host a virtual dinner party, get a recipe from grandma while you’re cooking in the kitchen, have an uncle call their niece and nephew to help them with their homework. While in-person experiences are always a ton of fun, you can make virtual experiences just as awesome, especially in times like these.

Virtual Clubs

Are you involved in a local book club? Maybe a club at work about public speaking? A wine club? Ask the group if there’s interest in taking these clubs to a virtual arena. While you can’t meet in person weekly, there’s no reason that you can’t still hold each meeting date via phone calls, text messages, video chats, or something more creative. Think innovative, and see if there’s a way to expand the offerings of your club – invite new members, and see if you can use this time to grow!

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