A Group Mentorship Can Help Eliminate Ageism In Your Life

Each of us has been predisposed to ageism since long before we can remember. So, how do we kick our own ageist thoughts to the curb? A group mentorship – let us explain.

Often, when someone reaches out to a mentor for advice they opt for an older mentor who can guide them through situations. However, the mentee may find themselves hesitant to listen to the advice of the older mentor in certain situations because age bias is hard to eliminate from our minds, especially because it is most often subconscious.

Ageism Group Mentorship

The solution? Bring together mentors from each generation. A group mentorship opportunity includes someone in their 20s, someone in their 30s, someone in their 40s, someone in their 50s and someone in their 60s. That’s five mentors, all helping each other out, each talking about their experiences, and offering solutions.

Studies have found that the best way to lessen ageism is to create a dialogue between generations. A five-person mentorship can create that conversation, and give each individual involved the tools to eliminate ageism in themselves and in situations around them.

Speak to your HR manager at work about gathering a team together for your group mentorship. See if your community town hall is able to pair you up with a group. However your group begins, the conversations you have will begin to create positive changes, and may even inspire others to begin group mentorships too.

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