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Understanding Age Discrimination In Society

Ageism.org is a comprehensive informational and educational resource that guides individuals towards an overall understanding of the effects of ageism and age discrimination in society.

We’ve all heard the classic and cliched expressions: thrown out to pasture, past your prime, can’t teach an old dog new tricks, behind the times, over the hill.

These terms are associated with older generations, but ageism isn’t isolated to just one age demographic. Have you heard these: inexperienced, too young to lead, lacking responsibility, adulting, millennial.

And what about the terms that apply to the youngest of us all, children: act your age, you’re not ready yet, you’ll get it when you’re older, what do you know, you don’t know how.

You would almost think this is an epidemic. A systemic and immoral unconscious behavior that is ingrained in us from infancy. This is where we would tell you to take action, but you already are, because you’re here. You get it. This is something that every human on this planet has experienced, or they will. It will emotionally plague us all.

Our educational tools and resources can help you to be better informed about ageist discriminatory behavior in your daily life. In turn, your awareness can help educate others to continue eliminating ageism in our society.

Building A Healthy Workplace Culture

Ageism can strike at any time - just as you hit your stride in the workplace, right when you’re ready for the next rung of the career ladder, as soon as you start pathing your retirement plan. It’s imperative to stay educated every step of the way with the most effective and comprehensive ageism information in order to continually take strides towards less limitations in life and in the workplace.

Educating yourself and your organization about ageist practices ensures a healthy, productive working environment for you and your co-workers. By establishing a community around ageism education and principles, we can develop strategy, guidelines and solutions to enhance workplace conditions. Empowering yourself with information can counteract ageism discrimination while also improving your life and the lives of others around you.

Take action and foster an inclusive workplace culture. By harnessing our proprietary ageism educational tools you will streamline adoption within your organization, creating a more fluid environment that is less susceptible to ageist stereotypes.

5 Ways You Can Help Fight Ageism

1. Talk to leaders in your community, your workplace or your personal network.

2. Hold conversational opportunities to create an open dialogue about ageism and its impact.

3. Publish your thoughts about ageism on social media, send written articles to digital publications, or self-publish a blog.

4. Continue to educate yourself about ageism, and ways to combat it in your daily life.

5. Share with us the ways you’re involved in ending ageism in society by contacting us.